Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stars and Stripes Shadowbox {The Wood Connection}

I am so excited to be working with products from Wood connection again and this time it is for my favorite holiday. I love all the possibilities they have going on in their stores. It is great for all types of crafters. They have samples if you love it and want to create the same thing or you can let your imagination sore and create your own unique project with their amazing supplies. They have everything from the wood products, paper, paint, glue, glitter, ribbon and everything else in between.

Supplies Needed

-Wood shadow box
-red, white and blue paint
-1 small star
-5 mini stars
-"And stripes" vinyl
-paint brushes
-painters tape
-sand block
-wood glue

***All of these items can be found and were purchased at the WOOD CONNECTION

What I did 

First I stained the shadow box. I only stained the frame not the very inside wood piece, I left that alone for now. I did one layer of stain, wiped it, let it dry and repeated for a second coat. With two coats it was the perfect color.

Once that was dry I painted the inside wood piece all ivory white. It took two coats letting it dry completely between eat coat.

Once the white was dry I used the painters tap and taped off two stripes. On the bottom blank stripe I added the vinyl. I made sure it was all on there nice and snug so that the paint wouldn't bleed. Then I painted over the whole thing with red paint. I had to do three coats to cover it all and looking smooth, letting it dry completely between each coat. Hint: a blow dryer cuts the drying time down by like 75%

White I was waiting for the red paint to dry I painted the small star white and the mini stars all blue. I did two coats on each. Once they were dry I sanded the edges and flat surface to make them look worn and rustic.

Once the red paint was dry I removed the painters tape and the vinyl so the stripes showed and the lettering was a crisp white.

Then I sanded down the whole inside to give it the vintage look I was going for.

To complete the project I glued the stars to the top left corner with wood glue and then it was complete and ready to put up with the rest of my 4th of July decor.

I love how it turned out and I can't wait to think of more to do with the fun new shadow boxes they have in their stores.

Thank you to The wood connection for having me and providing me with these awesome products. Now go and get your craft on!!! 

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  1. Hi,

    Incredible creation "Stars and Stripes Shadowbox". Blue strips with wooden connection stars look more attractive. I badly want to made this.



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